• perovskite film under the microscope
  • Thin Film device under the microscope
  • photoluminesence of perovskite crystal
  • solid-state synthesis
  • photovoltaic device
  • perovskite single nanowire under the microscope

In our lab we study the chemistry, physics, and applications of novel soft-semiconductors. Specifically, we focus on the study of light-matter interactions in halide perovskite compounds, aiming to develop various electro-optical devices based on these unique materials.  

We synthesize new compounds with precise control over their structure, composition and dimensionality, and use various methods for their characterization. We study the fundamental electronic, optical, and structural properties of these materials upon illumination using a variety of light sources and detection schemes (combining optical and electronic spectroscopies). Finally, we fabricate and study functional devices based on these materials for detection, light emission and energy conversion applications.